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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brentcrable 10 / 10

Don't judge a PUNK by it's cover

Great great movie. The cinematography & score was pretty phenomenal for a low budget/independent film.

I loved the story and related to the story being a fellow jock who played Texas High School football. The punks/freaks were always viewed in a "different" light and this movie really highlights that and makes you sit back and think. I felt all emotions during this movie and even shed some tears which is a rarity.

This film has heart which is something big blockbusters have lacked for years and it was a joy to see that on the big screen. The last 20 minutes of this movie is as good as the last leg of any movie I've seen in years.

I recommend this and I hope more people see this movie!

Reviewed by alysa_gyllenband 10 / 10

Tells the tale of bomb city punks perfectly

I was living in Amarillo Texas when this happened, although I was only 8 I can still remember the news story's and the trial. I grew up to be a punk and have a similar life to the punks in this movie. I watched the credits in tears and thought of my youth. I knew the story and what was going to happen and I still became very emotional watching this. I personally know many people who were directly affected by Brian and his tale. The movie was brilliant, very well directed and was visually Amazing.

Reviewed by robmacom-20783 10 / 10

Heart wrenching

This could be a story of my boy and what it means to be different, This is not a Hollywood blockbuster and that is what is wrong with the system if the academy had a wider remit it would reward the innovation of the smaller movie.

This is an amazing movie but do not believe my word you will shed tears when you see it but only if your heart appreciates and embraces diversity.

Its a ten out of ten and I'm willing to fight for that

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