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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by floatingpolarbear 10 / 10

Taut thriller with absorbing details

The subject matter is handled honestly, at times delicately and at times brutally honest. I don't remember seeing another movie that portrays the daily life of a mother of an impaired child this way, with such candor. It really shows the stage beyond just suffering, fighting uphill every minute of the day to reclaim some normality. It is intriguingly and beautifully done. The plot progresses quite naturally and becomes mysterious for a while, edge of your seat don't want to miss a clue kind of mysterious. The casting is superb, each actor bringing something more to the role, a genuine spark that makes them extremely plausible and real. I love that the filmmaker is not concerned with political correctness. The ending may seem extreme, but not if you read the papers on a regular basis.

Reviewed by janetferrari 7 / 10

General review

Very good cast. Believable throughout with a brilliant portrayal of the burden of caring for an autistic child. Personally I found the ending too shocking and horrific without warning and so for this reason I can't recommend it.

It could be that I'm just not used to this type of film and that other people would not agree.

Reviewed by ComedyFan2010 7 / 10

A well done suspense thriller

A mother is tired of taking care of her out of control autistic son. Her and her husband hire a nanny and first all goes well but then Diana starts noticing that her nanny seems to turn her son against her as well as poisoning her.

A lot of times one just gets frustrated with the mother as she doesn't do things that could help her prove her point. Like keep the app and show the translations to the friend who recommended it, she would believe it. Film some of the conversations and show to somebody. Take that tea she gives you and bring to the doctor to be tested for hallucinogens. But then one sees a way around it, she is a stressed pregnant woman who can't think of good ways out clearly.

I saw unfair reviews to it. Mainly from American far lefts calling it ableist and xenophobic. Well, autism is not always high functional and many parents do indeed struggle a lot, why hide them? And foreign language was important for this movie.

The main issue is indeed that the ending doesn't explain everything. But for me it was enough. We just see that her worries were justified. Why it happened isn't really necessary to know.

The acting was great. Daniela Ram?rez gave us a top performance as the main character. We see her love for her son and yet worry that the second kid will be the same. Her feeling like she has no way to solve the issue with her husband not taking her seriously and not being able to control her kid. Aida who played Luz was also good. There isn't that much in the character but she did it perfect for us not to guess if she is good or evil. And this is her only role.

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