Maze Runner: The Death Cure


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mitchellbieds 9 / 10

The end is WCKD!!

For starters let me say that i loved the first two films. The first offered mystery and the second offered a bit of horror (more or less). I will admit though, the second is the weak link of the three, and the first being the best one (in my opinion), and The Death Cure delivers something that the last two didn't.....tons of action.

From the opening scene to the last, the action basically never stops. Although some of the action sequences aren't emotion rich, they are still very entertaining. You will certainly never be bored.

I do feel the plot was a bit thin, but that in no way makes this a bad movie, if anything it makes it easier to watch. I just feel a deeper, more complex plot would've added to the drama and action of the film.

The actors portray their characters extremely well, especially Dylan, he can truly make the audience feel what he's feeling. Although character development was not a strong point in this film, i feel it didn't need to be. Because if you've seen the other two films, you already know how the characters are and how they feel towards other characters and what they believe is right and wrong. For me, the first two films provided the character development, this was just the ending.

There are some very powerful and emotional scenes in this film especially towards the end (I, myself did tear up at one point), and the ending, i feel, was really satisfying. Im still trying to decide if they left it open for a fourth or if this really is the last one, if so, i wont mind at all.

I do believe that fans of the books and the first two films will enjoy this film a bit more than just your average movie goer, but it does still deliver even if you're not interested in the whole story.

All in all this is a great movie, it delivers on the action and the heart and even has a couple of slight twists and shocks. This was just a satisfying, brilliant and sad end to a terrific trilogy.

The end was indeed WCKD!!

Reviewed by The Quiet Movie Guy 8 / 10

Almost lost in the Maze

Though not nearly as perfect, I love the first Maze Runner movie. I was quite upset with the second one, The Scorch Trials. All those twists and alterations in that movie leave a bad taste at the back of my mouth, and I know that I am not the only one because after I saw that movie I saw some rants from other fans of the books on social media too. Also, the fact that it took a year to release this movie (Yes, I know that Dylan O'Brien had an accident during the shoot) kinda lose my momentum with the series a bit, I have to hurt my head to remember some names of characters and what have happened in previous movies. And their marketing department doesn't help much because it felt like their not promoting this movie hard enough. Nobody's talking about Maze Runner in here. Perhaps they just don't want to burn that much cash because they know the quality of their product? I don't know but we'll see in coming days how would The Death Cure performs at the box office.

While I was walking into the cinema to find my seat, I was having this words play repeatedly inside my mind, "please, don't suck". But! I got to say that they've done a pretty decent job with this final installment. Though to be honest, I don't have high expectations for this movie after what have happened in The Scorch Trials. Though some scenes may be predictable, I still appreciate the effort that they did to pull it off. And base on the reaction of some audience in the theater, it seems to me that they were surprised when they saw some familiar faces pop up on the screen. Oh! and also there's a lot of explosions in this movie.

Now in terms of characters, here are some that I really like in this movie. I think that Dylan O'Brien (Thomas) did a really good job in this movie, it made me realize how physically demanding this movie was and his accident made me appreciate the scenes even more. So thumbs up for that.

I also like the portrayal of Teresa by Kaya Scodelario, too bad she's caught in the middle by Thomas and W*CKED but I really felt her genuine sincerity in finding the cure for the virus to save lives without any hidden agenda.

Another man of science (or should I say a woman of science) that I really like is Doctor Ava Paige portrayed by Patricia Clarkson, her methods in finding the cure might be plain wicked but you'll see in her eyes that she's compassionate and that her intention is good despite the terrible acts they need/thought to do.

I was kinda surprised with Rosa Salazar as Brenda in this movie. I thought she was forgettable in the Scorch Trials but she's quite badass in this one and I really like that. Good for her being cast as Alita, I'll be looking forward to seeing that movie. And is it just me or does Rosa looked like Kaya quite a bit?

As for Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), I think that he really is the glue between the bonds of these Gladers and how his character affects the decision Thomas will have to make in this movie but of course, to those who read the books, you already knew it.

As for Ki Hong Lee (Minho), I don't have problems with him when he's running or he's fighting bad guys, but when you just put him in a scene where he just sits, I just can't connect with his character on the emotional level. I don't know, perhaps his face acting is a bit flat for me. So I am not that invested with his character that much.

Surprisingly though, I find Will Poulter's portrayal of Gally interesting. Poulter's really good at portraying this type of characters.

And lastly, Aiden Gillen (Janson) helps elevate this movie being the bad guy. I wished his co-actor in Game of Thrones' Natalie Emmanuel (Harriet) and Braking Bads' Giancarlo Esposito (Jorge) have more screen time because they're such good actors as well.

Overall, I think that this is still an enjoyable movie and for someone that read the books I find it satisfying. I got to give Wes Ball a credit for not entirely ruining such good source material and of course James Dashner. Go see it!

Reviewed by mariacabral-28388 7 / 10

Enjoyable action movie :)

Firstly, I do not think the "Death Cure" does follow the stereotype of a teenage basic movie, in which probably a all romance between Thomas and Teresa would happen during the entire saga. Actually, the film creates a strong story meaning of friendship between this entire group that started as strangers that had to learn how to trust eachother. It's not just like any other teenager movie, like the hunger games or the divergent in which this kids are destined to compete and kill eachother. In this movie though, this group of young people fight and look to find a solution (by not torturing teenagers) for a possible real life situation (apocalypse) and a serious problem that the world is dealing with in that moment.

Secondly, I understand the point that you think Dylan O'Brien acting is mediocre, however, for an actor who has never been to an acting school, I think he has developed and progressed alot ever since his first role in Teen Wolf. So don't just criticize his acting abilities, for not expressing well, because his role has a very complex persona to interpret (and never forget...he is still learning).

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