Rajan (Rajendra Kumar) is a successful surgeon in Delhi who hails from an affluent family with his father, Dindayal (Ulhas) as the Municipal chairman. During his childhood, while lighting Diwali firecrackers, he accidentally set his friend Shanti's (Mala Sinha) face afire, causing her to lose her eye sight. Full of remorse, Rajan studies medicine, and decides to become an eye surgeon just to restore Shanti's vision. Shanti is from a poor family and lives with her parents and her father, Ramdas (Raj Mehra)owns a small publication house. Shanti travels to Delhi to have her eyes operated but even with Rajan's best efforts the operation fails. When she returns home, bad news awaits as her father, Ramdas been arrested for killing Dindayal's driver and sentenced to two years in prison.

Genre : Drama,comedy Language : Hindi