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If silence is the loudest thing one can hear, how does one reach out to the world around? What is the way one communicates? Is the world patient enough to try, or even forgiving to life’s shortcomings? One can wish for a miracle or simply hope for the very best. Love they say has no language and the eternal bonding between a child and her mother is above all. It remains immeasurable in all its attributes thus making it the purest form of universal truth. AMLOKI, a 6 year old girl is born deaf and dumb .She hails from a family of a Gambler father, a mother who runs the family by preparing jaggery at daytime and acting in the Jatra at night. Amloki’s mother protects the family- from the outside world, that has nothing but its share atrocities directed at her. Her soul reason for existence is AMLOKI, and her belief that someday Amloki will be cured. Destiny as always has its own plans. The mother dies at a very young age. Just before her death, she plants a sapling as her last standing testimony. It turns into a refuge for Amloki. Shortly after Amloki’s mother’s death, the tree is cut off and the last string that attached her to her mother gone. But Amloki refuses to give up on her mother and decides to follow the remains of the tree. Her beliefs are strong that the tree itself is an extension of her mother, and she thus can take refuge in it . Amloki’s journey begings from here through trials and tribulations, she ends up in a house of a Tanpura maker. Soon she learns to make Tanpura’s and finally creates one by herself. Her silent world starts believing that her mother to be in it. Meanwhile, Amloki learns that her father has got remarried and his the then wife has given birth to a girl child. Such is the twist of fate that this new born turns out to be deaf and dumb by birth as well. The family abandons the child. AMLOKI, like the true elder sister, takes up the child’s responsibility and thereby starts a journey with a difference. Penned by Sahana Dutta, A SVF Production, Amloki is being Directed by Anupam Ghoroi, after his mega success with Goenda Ginni. Amloki will be aired from tonight, 7:30 pm, Monday- Sunday.

Genre : Zeebangla promos Language : Bengali